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ALL over world Muslim women circumcised : A painful practice of which millions of Muslim women at ALL over world (circumcised) are victims.


Pope Francis said on Sunday that the practice of female circumcision is a ‘crime’. She said that the fight for Muslim women’s rights, equality and opportunities should continue. There has been a debate going on in the world on the practice of female circumcision for a long time. In Islam, men are usually circumcised but in some countries, women are also circumcised. In English it is called ‘Female Genital Mutilation‘ (FGM). According to reports, among conservative Muslims, women are considered ‘pure’ or ‘ready for marriage’ after circumcision.

In some countries, female circumcision is banned, while in some countries it is still happening today. A BBC report states that female circumcision is practiced among Muslims of the Bohra community in India. Egypt had banned female circumcision in 2008, but even today such cases are highest there in the world. Pope Francis mentioned this painful practice in response to a question on women’s rights while returning from Bahrain.

40 lakh girls are in danger

The Pope asked, can’t we stop this tragedy happening to young women in the world today? It is terrible that this practice still exists today, which humanity is unable to stop. This is a crime. According to the United Nations, FGM is concentrated in about 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East. But immigrant populations in other places also follow this practice. The UN says more than 4 million girls are at risk of undergoing FGM this year.

What is female circumcision?

Female circumcision is considered an extremely painful procedure by the Orthodox. In this, the genitals of women are mutilated. In this, the external genitals of women are cut and separated with a sharp object. Many countries of the world oppose it and global leaders promise to eliminate it completely by 2030. But the truth is that even in western countries a large number of girls go through this pain.

UN said ‘violation of human rights’ 

The United Nations has declared this practice a ‘violation of human rights’. To stop this and raise awareness about it, ‘International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM’ is celebrated on 6 February. The World Health Organization says that the process of damaging women’s genitals without any medical reason falls under the category of FGM. Girls ranging from newborn to 15 years of age are involved in this process.

If girls are not circumcised i.e. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), then they become prostitutes who run after men.” Muslim Dawood Bohra community.


A section of the Muslim community still advocates circumcision of girls. That community believes that women should have sex only to have a child or to satisfy their husband. Apart from this, if any girl or woman has any feelings related to sex, then they will have to become accomplices of sin. So that the girls do not become sinners and they too get heaven, their vaginas are cut and the clitoris is stitched as per their requirement. So that in future she will have sex only to have a child and not to give herself pleasure.

It may sound strange to hear, but circumcision of girls of Bohra community has been happening for thousands of years. They believe that if the ‘clitoris’ is allowed to remain in the vagina of girls, it will increase their sexual feelings.

Bohra community considers ‘clitoris’ as ‘haram ki boti’. If it is cut and removed in childhood itself, then women will not think about sex. They will be faithful to their husbands and will only be able to bear children. Therefore, girls between two to ten years of age are circumcised i.e. Female Genital Mutilation.

Under which the clitoris is completely and sometimes partially cut with any sharp object. While doing this, the bodies of those girls are neither numbed nor given any kind of medicine. Two members of the family hold the hands and legs and then either a man or a woman who performs this circumcision around them removes the clitoris by sanding it with the same blade or knife. After this, turmeric is dissolved in water and a paste is applied on the wound.

Can there be anything more inhumane than this? Who knows how many deaths have occurred due to this FGM. Many girls live in depression all their lives, but what does that mean to the society? Despite being depressed, she can give birth to children and give physical pleasure to her husband, then who will think about them?

According to the World Health Organization, till now more than 20 crore girls have been circumcised in 30 countries of Asia and Africa. There are 20 lakh people of Bohra community living in India alone. Yes, this is another thing, there is no official report of circumcision in India.

bohra muslim india

In India, about 6 years ago, on 8 May 2017, when lawyer ‘Sunita Tiwari’ filed a petition to stop it, the Supreme Court sought opinion from the government and while debating on it on 9 July 2018, decided to ban it. demanded. The central government is also standing in support of this ban. However, till now circumcision has been completely banned in many countries including Africa, Australia and America.


But the Muslim Bohra community does not seem to agree on anything like this. They do not see any harm in it nor do they consider it inhumane. Whereas those women with whom this has happened, live with a feeling of guilt for having any sexual feelings throughout their life. The most natural thing is branded as disgusting in their minds.

Women and girls, aged 15-49, who have undergone some form of FGM


  • 0 – 24.9%
  • 25% – 49.9%
  • 50% – 74.9%
  • 75% and above
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Country Value
Burkina Faso 76%
Djibouti 93%
Egypt 91%
Eritrea 89%
Ethiopia 74%
Guinea 97%
Gambia 75%
Kenya 21%
Mali 91%
Mauritania 69%
Nigeria 25%
Sudan 88%
Senegal 26%
Somalia 98%
Uganda 1%
Yemen 19%
Guinea-Bissau 45%